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Men Good Looking Tips

A white shirt

Every man should have a pair of those white, crispy shirts in his closet. It is a simple, seasoned and studied good looking tip for men. It can go very well with both casual and a formal set up. When you are in a white shirt, you don’t really have to think twice because you are sure to look good in it in any possibility. But in order to do away with the boredom, you can mix and mash up with some colours once in a while that would add some punch to your personality as well.

Denim Jeans

When you want to know how to look good, this is a must-have in every guy’s wardrobe. A pair of denim jeans is synonymous with the dude with the swag. It is a perfect casual look anyway. They lend a sort of nonchalance when worn which is really sexy. The other more important plus point is that it helps to keep you cool down there in the sweltering heat. When you want that unfettered look, you have the options to go in for a pair of faded or ripped jeans and if you wish to be subtle, you have the options to go in for the solid ones. There are a variety of shapes and sizes, we’d say slim fit jeans look good on a guy if he is a little shapely but it wouldn’t suit someone who is more like a straight line.


A good pair of sneakers would complete the look. There are many brands out there all screaming for attention. Brands like Nike, converse, Adidas, Puma and more. They are available in all colours and patterns.


Here is another important good looking tip for men. T-shirts again are a very important part of the male wardrobe. The main logic behind this is that they are very comfortable, they are specifically cut out for casual outings and they look great on a pair of denim. If you want to experiment with them, you have options as well. You have umpteen t-shirts with different patterns like the crew neck, polo neck, mandarin neck; collared t-shirts so on and so forth.

Men’s underwear

Well, guys might not show this off publicly, but underwear sure is one of the crucial parts of your clothing. There is a number of fashionable men’s underwear in the market that goes with one’s personality. You have men’s briefs that are a snug fit on your junk, jockstrap mainly for athletic personalities because it provides support and a good hold to your man goods. To feel confident, you have to feel comfortable down there and this is certainly one of those tips for looking good that you can’t ignore.


Sunglasses are absolutely mandatory for your eyes. They not only up the style quotient adding an extra definition to your face but also protects your eyes from the harm UV rays of the sun. There are numerous brands out there in the market. You have Ray ban, Tommy Hilfiger, Idee, Armani so on and so forth, so do you want to know how to look good? Just get yourself a pair of good sunglasses.

It is very important for men to dress in a stylish manner because it not only imparts confidence it also helps with facing the world with an unmatchable aplomb because when you know you’re looking good and presentable, nothing can hamper that killing smile! These were a few good looking tips for men.

Tips to Joining Knee High Boots with Your Outfits

Consider Your Calves

It’s essential that the boot doesn’t expand excessively. Ensure your boots fit cozily and easily around your leg. If you have thick, athletic or breathtaking legs, decide on sleek wide-calf styles in impartial shades to make your calves look slimmer. Stretchy, slouchy, or zippered styles are awesome wagered. Then again, if your calves are thin, pick boots with a touch of structure or mass to it, for example, western, riding, grunge or utilitarian boots, cattle rustler or slouchy boots, or wedge shoes are great decisions, and also shoes with points of interest like clasps, studs, and so forth.

Consider Your Figure’s Stature

Realize that hues, the stature of heels, and state of toes have more to do with what your outline will look like than the real tallness of the ladies’ knee-high boots. Along these lines, play around with various hues and styles of heel and toe – high heels or flat heels, adjusted toe or guided toe toward accomplishing the outline you need. For instance, if you are hoping to extend your legs, a couple of pointed dark stiletto shoes would include length. A thin wedge knee high boot is better for more visual adjust if your calves are thick, while chunkier heels are likewise useful for heavier legs as they can make your leg seem slimmer. Concerning ladies with more slender calves ought to avoid knee high boots with thin, sharp heels.

Consider the Events

Diverse styles of shoes give unique custom of every event. When all is said in done, slouchy and cowpoke styles are more easygoing, while rich sued or softened leather boots, heeled or level, give a more formal choice, particularly if the shoes accompany luxury subtle elements and prints.

By and by, knee high boots are a standout amongst the most flexible footwear things you can have in your closet, as they can look tasteful, chic, advanced, and a great deal more. On top of all that, they can be matched including pants to skirts to dresses.

Knee High Boots for an Office Look

To overhaul an elegant expert look with knee boots, pick boots with tasteful and necessary styles and also in primary hues. Choose a suitable business outfit, for example, a skirt that hits just underneath the knee or at the knee. If your skirt is on the shorter side, include tights for a sleeker, more moderate look. Combine the base with coordinating top that works for the workplace look, including a straightforward fitted pullover with jacket or pea coat.

Reasons Why Handbags are The Best Friends of Every Woman

Carry your stuff in style

Girls have many things they use in their day to day lives. But carrying all these small to big stuff is a big tension. And the solution for the same is a good bag which can help you keep things sorted. It’s her personal wardrobe on the move. From a scarf to an extra tee, to makeup, to face wash to lipsticks, chocolates, credit cards, water bottle, to power bank to phone to headsets, to moisturizer to wafers, office documents , we women carry our little world in bag. We carry them in a super stylish way just to envy the other women with super chic bags.

Can create class quotient

Your bags can set you apart from the whole crowd. It makes u look unique and with your bag, you carry your style on your shoulders. It can create a different look with whichever clothes you wear. Your bag can drag all attention for you so choose it carefully.

One size for all

Unlike shoe which gives you a shoe bite, apparel that does not look good on you, bags are something that goes well with everything you wear. A good bag is a girl’s rescuer. For instance, a bigger bag is something that goes well with whatever you wear.

Low-risk factor

The type of color and texture of the ladies handbag you carry is something that lowers the risk of styling the wrong way. For instance, if you want to opt for leopard clutch, make sure you don’t wear something of animal print; if you are carrying a bold fuchsia colored clutch try to wear something simple.

Repeat as many times you want

Unlike shoes and clothing, you can carry your bag as many times you want. You won’t let people think if you are carrying the same bag again. But there are chances that they can say the same about your clothes or shoes.

Furthermore, ladies bags can be broadly categorized into either work bags or party bags. While going for work, bags can carry your files laptops or any other day to day necessities but can give your peer groups a strong insight into your personality. The best bags for girls to use while going for work are totes. There are different kinds of totes available in the market, so choose the one that suits your personality. As far as party bags are concerned you can a clutch, a cross body or a side sling bag. If it is a fancy party where you just need to look your best and socialize with the people around, then clutch is the best option you can have. But if it is a night out with your friends and you know you are going to be high, then can go for a crossbody or side sling bag to avoid a chance to miss the bag.

Leather Men’s Wallet

The Bi-fold Wallet

These sorts of fine men’s wallets are one of the least complex plans. As the name suggests, the whole wallet is folded into two sections. The immense thing about the Bi-fold wallet is that it can safely hold bills and cards set up without that much lump in your pockets. Yet, this does not give you a chance to bear that much money and along these lines, this sort of wallet is a decent decision amid travel where you might not have any desire to bear excessively bills but rather need a sheltered place for your credit cards.

The Tri-fold Wallet

This time, the wallet is partitioned into three sections and subsequently, has a tendency to be a tad bit bulkier. This is additionally a decent decision for going since it can give you considerably more space for credit cards and ID’s to stash into. Besides that, the wallet style additionally permits you to bear a decent measure of bills. Be that as it may, the drawback to tri-fold men’s wallets is that the three wallet folds may not give you moment and direct access to all your money and cards as effectively as the bi-fold style.

The Credit Card Holders

This sort of wallet is an extremely basic and generally littler pocket that is intended to do a certain something, which is to store your credit cards and ID’s. At the point when set in one and a similar wallet, cards can be exceptionally powerless against scratch and harm. What’s more, henceforth, a different holder will unravel all that. Besides that, this men’s wallet can likewise keep your wallet more slender and less demanding to bear. Lastly, it is constantly more secure to keep both imperative belonging at particular holders so in case of losing your wallet, you can save your credits cards from being lost also.

The Cash Cut

This is a generally straightforward contraption – a metal clasp that is intended to hold your bills. Albeit some may not consider cash cuts as well men’s wallets, they can make an awesome showing with regards to in keeping your money and your pockets composed and free of folded or torn bills. Cash cuts today are likewise viewed as a materialistic trifle for the rich. A large portion of them now go ahead silver or gold plated covers and even in leather coats too.


Men Office Wear

We live today in the golden era for office wear and this can be attributed to the fact that with how the business world has changed, the way professionals relate to each other has changed for the better as well. It is not just about talking money any more. It is about building relationships and what better way to build good relationships than to bring a touch of informal affection to the table? This has led to the birth of a comparatively relaxed environment at the workplace towards attire and this basically means that there is so much you can do with what you wear to your office every day. Impression is everything and what you convey with the way you dress speaks way before you even open your mouth and words start to flow out. So let us take a look at some really good approaches to dressing up for the office shall we?


Granted, that there is a new attitude towards dressing making waves at the office, but certainly nothing can beat that classic look of a bespoke suit. There is simply no competition to the level of sophistication that it gives to your fashion, how refined it makes you look and the amount of confidence it conveys on your behalf. That good old light coloured shirt, single breasted suit and polished pair of shoes will never ever be replaced. However, you can make this style your own with lighter and fun coloured suits and solid coloured silk ties that play an upbeat chord for your look.


A look that is growing exponentially, the smart casuals are a great way for you to pull off a relaxed look without losing out much from what the made to measure suit offers. We would like to accurately address it as the ‘dress down’ look. Replace your shirt and the tie and throw on a fitted crew neck jumper. This adds just the right amount of informality to this look. Make sure to tuck your jumper in and leave the jacket unbuttoned and voila, people are much more comfortable speaking to you now, boss man!


Denims definitely are appropriate enough for the office, you bet! But bring no distresses, fades, rips and whiskering to the office. Keep them simple, plain and well-fitting and pair them with polo shirts or light coloured t shirts with no prints. While this may be something for you to wear exclusively to a casual Friday, you simply need to add this look to your wardrobe.


Different Ways to Wear Real Fur Collars

Fur collars have no boundaries when it comes to adding a twist to your outfit. In fact, you can wear your real fur collars in so many ways and still remain fashionable. If you really love fur, then here are a number of times on how to wear your fur collars fashionably.

Fur collars can be worn on any occasion. Most people treat fur collars as statement pieces for special occasions. The truth is that fur collars can be matched with many things and this makes them perfect for everyday use. If you want to add some flavor to your everyday fashion then you should start thinking of creative ways to wear your fur collars. Consider matching it with your casual outfits for a glamorous feel especially when going out for a night date.

Although this collars are known to go with almost anything, it is always important to match them with your dress for an elegant look. Natural colors do great for classic jackets and coats. You may also consider buying full skin collars which will help in matching as you really don’t have to struggle with the collar alone. Some modern waterproof leather jackets have buttons for attaching fur collars which make it really easy for you to match your outfits and achieve your desired look.

Wearing your this collar over your old coats and jackets will help bring them to life and add a classic touch to your outfit. If you have an autumn jacket then a this collar will easily transform it into a stylish classical outfit. Some people love using scarfs on cold days. If you want to be trendy and stylish during such climates consider swapping your scarf for a fur collar. This collar will keep you warmer and add some sense of luxury to your outfit.

To avoid looking overdressed check how you use this collar pieces to suit your style. In fact, it is always recommended that you add the this collar sparingly. For example adding a fur collar to a fur coat is likely to add a lot of bulk to your body figure and this may make you look like you have a costume on as opposed to a stylish winter outfit. Fur collars look best when juxtaposed with other textures such as cozy knits, leather jackets, and classic wool coats among others.

If you are conducting your wedding during the cold months, then you should consider having a fur collar over your wedding dress to help keep you warm during the cold. Some people use a fur stole, but a fur collar can add a sense of style on your big day by transforming your wedding dress to match the theme of your big day. You can match colors or even use different colors to add some texture and create some form of contrast on your big day.

Matching colors of your hair and your fur collar plays a major role in how fashionable you become. For example, black fur collars will be perfect for the blondes while white is perfect for people with black, red or brown hair. Color matching is also great with your other outfit. Natural colors outfit best matches with this collars although experimentation is always perfect especially when you feel like trying something new. When wearing your fur collars to official functions be careful to match them with a natural color outfit and pick the best color that matches your hair.

Trending Spectacles Styles

Hipster Square Glasses

Glasses with square silhouettes are hipster glasses. These are the best and versatile eyeglass frames for men and women. Ideal for creative people as they make the wearer, stand out of the crowd. If you want to get a geeky hipster look, choose oversized thick frames.

Pilot Eyeglasses

Most popular silhouette and a classic one. Loved by both men and women, pilot eyeglass frames are perfect for all the year round. They complement most of the face shapes and very popular as sunglasses. Find them in metal frames and varied colors in lenses.

Cat-Eye Glasses

These are women’s favorite shapes in eyeglasses. More than sunglasses, cat-eye frames are rocking as eyeglasses. They give a more powerful and playful look to the wearer. Cat-eye glasses have made a comeback and today, the designs that you will find are more towards retro.

Round Glasses

Gandhian style glasses inspire this style. Not meant for round face shapes, as they tend to make the wearer’s face, more round. They are perfect for both men and women with square and rectangular face shapes. Choose according to your face shape to enhance your appearance.

Oversized Eyeglasses

Bigger than regular eyeglasses, oversized glasses are back with a bang. Personal favorites of celebrities around the globe, they look very glamorous and make a bold fashion statement. This style is dominating and unisex. Oversized frames are already popular in sunglasses and now they have gained all the attention as prescription glasses. A dual-tone frame is recommended for a casual winter look.

Tips to Purchasing Men Leather Bag

Form of Leather Used

As is the case with leather jackets and shoes, you wish choosing a bag that’s fashioned out of full-grain leather. This is leather of premium quality that taken on an ever better look following several years of use.

The finest leathers build up a striking patina, which is that sheeny , weathered, look that a material acquires with aging and the finer the quality, the superior the patina. You can’t get this with leather that’s been heavily treated or additional lesser grades.

Keep away from bags crafted from bonded leather. They don’t t age well and lack that discrete, pleasant leather smell.

Tanning method

The leathers made use of for cases and bags haven’t ever been made the identical way. You require knowing the dissimilarities between a couple of key tanning methods that are chrome and vegetable tanning.

The some process involves the use of chromium and additional harsh chemicals. It’s completed with two days and this is the reason behind their low price.

In vegetable tanning the cowhides undergo a pre-tanning phase where they’re rehydrated with every hair removed. As the complete process is more extended, the greater part of vegetable tanned leather items are inclined to be chunkier and more rigid than leather that’s chrome tanned. This is the reason behind vegetable tanning working the finest for a higher end bag. The leathers are better-quality compared to their chrome tanned equivalents in character, sturdiness and holding capacity. They’re branded for their archetypal leather smell & first-rate patina.

Nation of Origin & building

On numerous occasions, the origin of leather establishes the bag’s quality. We are familiar with a few of the nations that always create leather of excellent quality like England, Italy, USA, and France. If history is anything to go by such nations have a first-class background of tanning leather excellently.

However, now you require somewhat more discretion, particularly when the matter is of labels. Several companies try and make the most of the “Italy” status by doing all of the work in a different country and merely completing leather in Italy.

You should look out for first-rate leather whose hide choice and tanning are executed in Italy / additional reputable nations.

Sturdiness & Handwork

The ultimate bag is capable of holding a definite weight and also be shifted about without experiencing any weakening. That’s the reason for the importance of grain. Full-grain leather creates the most hard-wearing bags. However, top-grain leather’s a more inexpensive substitute that also does the job.

The stitching on top of any bag must be straight, hardly visible and sans any free threads. It’s vital that you verify the inner as well as outer surfaces to verify this.

The handles must also be joined to the body using toughened stitching / metal fixtures.


Ahead of purchasing men leather bags, scrutinize all their little parts’ quality. The features that you must check close are:

  • Handles
  • Buckles
  • Metallic rings
  • Locks
  • Zippers
  • Shoulder strap fittings

Wardrobe Essentials for Summer

# Polo shirt and dress shirts – Starting from the top, a polo shirt are one of the versatile wardrobe pieces for the adventurous season. The playful, yet masculine colors of these t-shirts can brighten up your looks. Match it appropriately with your trouser and footwear, in order to, don an eye-catchy casual vibe. It effortlessly generates a complete, sleek and athletic look. Other than this, in case you are planning for an outing with friends at the beach, make sure that you stuff a dress shirt. The button down with attention grabbing prints is a must-have.

# Chinos – A pair of chinos is a must, when it comes to smart casuals. The chinos are ideal option for a semi-formal look. Pair them with your t-shirt, dress shirt or even your formal shirts. It fits in like gloves for every situation and provides the much needed radiant personality. Team a dark colored chinos with the light shade of shirt and you will surely raise eye brows.

# Aviator sunglasses – In the current fashion oriented times, nothing stands out more than a pair of aviator shades. The versatility of these sunglasses makes them great to wear with any outfit. Whether you are heading to your workplace or for a beach outing, this style of sunglasses are perfect to accentuate your personality as well as looks. Make sure that the glasses are of good quality. Other than the style factor, protecting your eyes from the harmful affects of UV rays is equally important.

# Footwear – The footwear projects the overall personality of an individual. So, be very particular about the same. However, this season provides you a lot of options in this category of fashion. You can go cool flip-flops. Don them at the beach and relax. Other than this, sneakers and loafers are other options for causal spree. While when it comes to formals, the choice remains limited.

# Undergarment – Why should the underneath fashion be left behind when you are planning to explore the various colorful options? Get a pair of stylish and eye-catchy men’s underwear. Something like men’s camo underwear is an ideal option to add even more fun to your everyday look. The sheer underwear can help keep your manhood dry during the hot and humid season.


Vintage Fashion and Hermes Bags

1.The bags always have a distinct finesse

Considering the amount of wear any handbag is constantly exposed to, it becomes increasingly difficult for designers to ensure that the final product looks as expensive as it costs. Hermes seems to have mastered that skill and that is the reason, buying one of their vintage pieces is more like an investment you are less likely to regret.

2.There are endless choices for every taste

The brand has made it a point to include variety in not just color and material but also the shape and hardware options. It is quite remarkable because designing and dying leather is a tricky process. That is why you should take very good care of the ones you buy.

3.Hermes continues to maintain its traditional, old-world craftsmanship

Though there are several attempts at taking over the brands unique old ways, Hermes has not compromised with the way they work. It continues to thrive as an independent company known for its exquisite traditional craftsmanship, the levels of which are hard to match. Interestingly, the brand avoids giving away its products to celebrities for free which means that everyone has to pay the same price if they want to own one of these beauties.

4.The bags hold their value

Vintage Hermes bags continue to have a very good resale value especially if they have been kept in a very good condition which is not difficult if you know how to do it. It is less likely that you would fuss over your purchase any time soon because the classic appeal of these bags does not fade away at all. You might just get bored with it but you can always store it away for a while before you want to start taking it out once again. This is especially great because the resale markets can be flat even for the biggest brands.

Emporio Armani Men’s Watches

A classic piece that has soberness in design

The brand traces the traditional architecture with the classic timepieces that are timeless and beautiful. The watch AR1879 has come up with the 43mm white dial exudes a charm with a contrasting colour quote in black numerals and hands. It is a timepiece that changes the fashion of men through its complementing look detailed with the logo and the name of the brand. Timepieces generally reflect your personality, and this watch says that it is made for those who choose the easy-going lifestyle. The smoothness of architecture mingles you with the thought of the creativity the brand has. The complete design has an indigenous look with the white bezel and the stainless steel strap. Some pieces remain at the top because of their perfection, and this watch follows the path to maintain its ageless appeal.

Loving rose gold meets with bold black

The designs of the watches must captivate the hearts of the watch lovers. Emporio Armani designs such timepieces that offer a one-of-a-kind look for those who love to flaunt their individual craftsmanship. The classic timepiece AR1798 is more than just a watch, at least the looks say so. The timepiece comes up with the 38mm black dial patterned with the stripe design. The combination of black and rose gold beams a creative aura of crafting watches. The rose gold hands and indexes look bright in the black and the design goes even further with the logo of the brand at 12 o’clock position. Every stroke of the craftsmen is eloquently portrayed through the detailing. The grand-second sub dial is also placed proudly to give this classic timepiece an innovative look. With the black leather strap, this watch fits well on the wrists of the men.

Feel connected with your world always

Emporio Armani recently took an entry to the world of smartwatches with their new range of timepieces. These timepieces are not the traditional smartwatches, though. They are hybrid watches that offer both an analogue display and the advanced function. The timepiece ART3002 offers an array of functions, from the popular ones like activity tracking and auto time update to the rare features like slip tracking and the classic look. This watch falls in the same line the way other timepieces of the brand has been crafting. Retaining the same look, it only adds functions that were confined into the touch-screen display watches a few years ago. The 43mm white coloured dial has a magnificent look with the rose gold hands and indexes. It also features the contrasting look with white and rose-gold. Finally, the brown leather strap elevates the style of the watches even more.

Those who love a serene look of the watch

Sometimes, the detail-free design leaves a deeper mark on the interest of the watch lovers than the elevated style of the crafting. The timepiece AR2502 is designed with the 43mm white coloured dial and the rose gold hands and indexes. The logo of the brand stays at the top of the design to reveal the glory of being at the pinnacle of the success. This watch indeed has nothing very interesting to look at. But the complete architecture is as smart as your personality. A date displaying window at 3 o’clock position is the only feature that the watch has conveyed to you. The black leather strap of the watch enhances the beauty of designing timepieces.

Consider These Things before Buying Branded Bags Online

Trust-Worthy Website

Buying a branded bag, like a Charles and Keith handbag online can be quite difficult with the plethora of counterfeits flooding the internet, so log onto a trustworthy website and take your pick. This way there is a lot of credibility involved and there are no chances of you getting cheated by the seller.

Return and Exchange Policy

As pessimistic as it sounds, an exchange policy should be one of the first things you check on the website. You might ask why? Well because you never know what the bag looks like in real life. It’s quite remarkable to see how different products look in real life and you don’t want to invest your money in something you might not even end up liking.

Know the Original Price

It is quite important to know the original price of the bag so that nobody can charge you extra for it. While sometimes people tend to charge higher than the actual rate, however, there are times when the bags are priced extremely low- this is when you need to be cautious about the authenticity of the website as well as the bag. For example, if buying a Charles & Keith bag, check the prices on multiple websites to develop a general understanding of how the bag is priced before purchasing. This will ensure you get the best price and avoid getting duped with a counterfeit.

Watch out for financing offers

While discounts and cash backs are making the rounds on these sites, it’s interesting to note that websites nowadays are offering EMI options on bags. This way you can splurge a little extra on the bag and not have to worry about paying the principal amount at once. However, also be wary of the interest rates that are charged because you don’t want to end up paying more than the value of the bag.

Final Take

While the prospect of buying a branded bag online seems very exciting, it is much more important to know the implications of the same. Even though you get better deals and reasonable payment options (EMIs) online, at the same time, there are issues of authenticity and veracity. So next time you buy a bag online, go through the list above before you finalise the transaction.